Your #1 source for well built, high quality storage buildings! We will deliver these buildings fully assembled or if needed build it on your site. We even offer demolition of your existing structure and site preparation for your new shed!

  • Basic Construction

    Basic Construction

    • Shed is built on a pressure treated 4”x4” skid foundation.
    • Floor joists are 2”x4” lumber spaced 16” on center. Standard spacing on garages is 12” on center.
    • Floor of shed is 5/8” plywood.
    • Wall studs are constructed with 2”x4” lumber spaced 16” on center.
    • Walls are covered with LP Smart Siding if the siding option is chosen.
    • Roof is covered with ½” sheathing and roofed with a 30 year standard style shingle. An architectural shingle is available as an option but comes standard on Garden sheds.
    • Standard window size is 18”x27” comes with screen. Larger windows are available.
    • All sheds come standard with double doors sized according to the width of the shed:
      • 8’ wide sheds – 48” door opening
      • 10’ wide sheds – 60” door opening
      • 12’ wide sheds – 72” door opening
      • 14’ wide sheds – 84” door opening
    • Doors may be made wider to meet your specific needs.

    Make sure to check out the accessories page to see all that is available for you to customize your shed or garage to meet your needs.

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